This is the personal story of Anne Claire Sparla, one of our senior consultants.

Last June, I joined Iperion – a Deloitte business as a Senior Consultant.

When I was previously working for a company that specializes in Medical Devices,  I quickly noticed the impact and importance of regulatory compliance in the life sciences industry. More specifically, I experienced how new regulations cause all kinds of challenges within a company, but have a positive impact in transparency, operational effectiveness and in the end contribute to patient safety.
Having gained experience within the field of Medical Devices, I decided I wanted to grow my knowledge in the regulatory area and learn even more about the regulatory challenges within the Life Sciences and Health Care industry.

Soon enough, I came into contact with Iperion. I felt an immediate connection in the very first conversation. Iperion is giving me the chance to grow and develop myself within regulatory. I did find similar values and a clear vision, something that I find of great importance at an employer. I have noticed that everyone in the team is equally passionate about life sciences and really driven to make a difference. In addition I experience that personal development is crucial within the company. All in all, it felt like a great match.


My first projects

I could start my first project within a few months, focusing on challenges that a company was facing due to the transition of the Medical Device Directive to the Medical Device Regulation (MDR). We performed an assessment to see which steps were necessary in order for the company to become compliant with this regulation as soon as possible. The client was very satisfied with the action plan that we created and asked us if we could help them implement the required policies and procedures. This was really rewarding and motivating feedback for me, and as we speak, we have just started this process: helping them implement the action plan that we have created.

At the same time, I was quickly brought up to speed on IDMP regulation and learned more about the importance of standardized data within the Life Sciences and Health Care ecosystem. At the time of writing, I am currently finishing my first IDMP assessment at a pharmaceutical company together with a team. Similar to the assessment at the Medical Device company, we analyzed how ‘IDMP ready’ this company is and what steps they will have to take in order to be compliant by the time IDMP becomes mandatory.

And the best thing  is that I can do all this together with an incredibly knowledgeable, and fun team!

I really love the combination of working on different regulatory projects within a team in both the medical device and pharmaceutical industry. The variety of the work is very enjoyable and it is great to work on projects as a team. At times, the work can be very challenging, but one thing I noticed early on is that everyone in the team is extremely helpful, so together we always manage to find the best solution possible.

I can say that my goal to find a company where I can grow and learn more within the regulatory field of the Life Science industry has definitely been fulfilled (although the growing and learning probably never stops)! It has even exceeded my expectations, since the opportunities to grow seem endless. And the best thing  is that I can do all this together with an incredibly knowledgeable, and fun team!

Anne Claire Sparla

Senior consultant – a Deloitte business



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