This is a personal note from Camiel Hoogendoorn, one of our senior consultants

“It was a cold but sunny day in November in 2015 when I got the email that I was hired by Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy. I was eager to start working at this small company with great ambitions. At that time Iperion was a mostly unknown business both to the industry as a whole and to myself. Little did I know, but all of that was going to change in the following years.
On my first day, January 2nd 2016 I was warmly welcomed and I was given the task to ‘figure out’ IDMP. Knowing little of regulatory information or IDMP at that point, it seemed like a very feasible task. So approximately a month later I was ready to go out in the field and share my IDMP knowledge with the world.

Uniqueness of challenges

At the start of my career at Iperion IDMP was still a quite niche thing and there were few projects actually being conducted with the scope of a full IDMP implementation. Starting in one of these projects it was time to showcase my newly gained expertise! Having such a niche expertise profiled me as an expert early on and I’ve enjoyed this role ever since. Working with these unique challenges has provided experience on challenges that have become more ubiquitous ever since.
Nowadays IDMP is something more widespread, we have been able to grow with more experts and our experience is a good distinguishing factor for all project we’re working in/for. Although each company is unique, each company is facing more or less the same problems. Helping them solve these problems is a fun way to spend my time.

Solidarity and determination

Over the years I’ve worked for multiple clients in pretty much all different areas of regulatory information management, and even though I now know a lot more about IDMP and the field we’re working in, it still provides a new challenge every day.
Iperion has always had the culture of solidarity and determination and together we have grown, both in size as in becoming true experts in IDMP. This culture helped me in developing my skills and knowledge as (all round) consultant, allowing me to deal with any situation and teaching me to reach out when needed.

People’s business

In my work, I often see IDMP is viewed as an IT problem. But I see that the human aspect of our projects is equally important. If you are familiar with IDMP – and if you are reading this it is highly likely that you are – you will know that an overall goal of the IDMP standards is to create data on medicinal products. Although data is generally viewed as an IT issue, and we do work with data a lot, there are always multiple people we will have to connect in order to progress with our projects.
This is also what brings a lot of complexity to our project. This is where we thrive as a company, and what I enjoy doing, solving these complex problems with unique solutions to standardize the industry. And to jointly formulate new and workable processes for the people involved.
Changing people is changing the industry. Changing the mind of one person at a time to understand the importance of (IDMP) data is difficult task for a small company like Iperion, but having joined forces with Deloitte we can accelerate all of this. I am up for it!”


Camiel Hoogendoorn

Senior Consultant at Iperion – a Deloitte business


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