A personal story of Vera Ogbeide about her first year as a Data Process Expert at Iperion – a Deloitte business.

I have a very broad interest and come from a business related field. I am always eager to explore new subjects, both business/management related as industry specific. Over the years, my interest in analyzing data increased, using my knowledge in econometrics, operation research and data analytics. In my search for further development and my enthusiasm in learning new things, led me to  Iperion – Deloitte business as a Data process expert. At the beginning, I had less to no expectations as my mind was open to learn and grow within the company.



Starting my job during the pandemic made me worry for a while. I was skeptical on how the onboarding process would be like, knowing the shortcomings new employees face while integrating into any company. However, my skepticism was not as presumed, as I was given all necessary support needed to integrate into the team. As the saying goes, ‘charity begins at home’ – the company’s goal in digitalizing the pharmaceutical industry does not only focuses on the healthcare sector but also within the company. Several online tools are made available in making the onboarding process easy for every new employee.


Workshops and training

During the first quarter of joining Iperion, I had the opportunity of working in a small team. This acted as a platform for me to project and develop my pre-existing skills, while learning new necessary skills required within my new role. I had the best experience working with passionate, skillful and supportive teammates. I became aware of the several workshops and trainings available within the company and I took the opportunity to participate in trainings on ISO IDMP, specific regulatory information management systems, project management, communications and presentation skills, business process optimization, etc.

I had the best experience working with passionate, skillful and supportive teammates.

Project content

Within my work, I focus on data collection, data mapping, data entry, proofing of medical documents to support clients in ensuring quality of data while incorporating the current data requirements (ISO IDMP, SPOR) as well as using specific software to effectively ensure high level of data quality. Being part of the team of serving the needs of regulatory affairs as well as external consumers through providing quality data makes me very happy and increases my enthusiasm in working towards the safety of the society at large.

So far, I am happy with the versatility of working as a data process expert, the amount of knowledge and skills I have acquired and the people I have worked with.  I look forward to greater level of growth and what the next year brings.



Vera Ogbeide

Data Process Expert at Iperion


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