A personal story of Julle Vos about his 2-year anniversary at Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy.

The 1st of February 2021 marks my second year working for Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy. I must say it was a bit of gamble at first. Having an educational background in biomedical science, it was not entirely what I had studied for or anticipated on. After many combined years of internships working in various University laboratories, I was interested in trying something different, while still staying connected to the field of life sciences. Iperion offered this chance and I took it. Suffice to say, being here for 2 years already, it was not a bad decision.

Follow your ambitions

I started working on data entry at the Managed Services department. Initially being involved in three separate projects, but soon started focusing on one specific project. In my first year I quickly noticed I was more interested in being involved in more consultancy related tasks, e.g. developing processes and guidelines, identifying and solving issues, developing strategies, etc. I soon drifted away from data entry to tasks that suited me more. This was also noticed my managers, after which I was asked to join the consultancy team. I was hesitant in this decision.

We soon came to a middle ground, which was the role of a consultant within the Managed Services department. This allowed me stay focused on the project and gave me the freedom to focus on the aspects that I like and I ambition, while further developing in the role of a consultant.

This allowed me stay focused on the project and gave me the freedom to focus on the aspects that I like and I ambition, while further developing in the role of a consultant.

The main project I am working on involves supporting our client in creating and updating pharmaceutical product information documents. Together with the client we have developed a process to ensure that all document updates are managed through structured authoring software. My role is multifaceted, and involves for example enhancing the processes, adjusting to new developments, aiding in the development process, defining strategies and providing technical support.

Teamwork makes the dream work

I like the friendly spirit we have within our team, wherein everyone seems to get along really well. Even during the covid-19 measures, wherein everyone was working from home, we were able to keep this friendly interaction. The Iperion online events and small challenges contributed.

From a professional perspective, I really love the variety within my current project, the interaction I can have with the client, the responsibilities, supporting my colleagues and focusing on the aspects I am good at, while also working on my skills. This sometimes puts me in uncomfortable positions, but it certainly helps in building up my skillset.
In addition to only focusing on one project, my role also allows me to support the Managed Services department in a broader sense; provide supporting data, support in professionalizing, contributing to the growth of the department and managing the Service team in general.
For 2021 I am looking forward to spending more of my time on this, further broadening my skills, knowledge and involvement.


Julle Vos

Junior Consultant Services at Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy


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