This is a personal note from Amy Williams, the newest Director of Team Iperion.

“Three months in and last week provided the first opportunity to meet colleagues face-to-face. Starting a new role in the midst of a pandemic provides a nuance to onboarding previously unanticipated. This made the meeting face-to-face all the sweeter. The pleasure of meeting someone for the first time in person who you already feel you know; the revelations of height and mannerisms that simply aren’t captured via a 2D interface; the satisfaction in the simple human need to be with people, sitting together in one room and the camaraderie that builds. Right now, I feel that these are things I will never again take for granted.

First impressions

So the big question, three months in, is “what do you think? Do you have any regrets?”. The answer for me is a big NO.
The team is talented, driven and exceedingly capable. It is a real pleasure to work with them every day. What’s more, the vision is real. I joined Team Iperion at Deloitte following years of shared discussions for the Future of Health with Frits Stulp and Remco Munnik. This vision isn’t spouted as an inane call into an echo chamber but is reflected in everything they do. In the projects we work on, the clients we choose to work with, the talent we hire. It makes for an incredibly inspiring place to work. That shared vision attracts brilliant and talented individuals driven to make a change. I’m incredibly excited for what we can achieve. The bigger challenge is carving it up into manageable pieces and prioritizing what we do next!

Sustainability. Diversity. Balance.

Today marks international women’s day. For me it is always a day of poignancy. A reminder to step back and reflect on all the roles I fill and what that means. Mum to two young boys, Wife, Sister, Friend, PTA Chair, Director at Iperion – a Deloitte business, Colleague to talented men and women. Throughout my career I have been privileged to work with incredible women. And to work in an industry – specifically in Regulatory Affairs – where the gender bias is not felt (Merck Serono, Merck KGaA, Parexel, Calyx, now Deloitte). In my interviews for Deloitte diversity was a strong theme (as was sustainability and wellbeing – two other passions of mine – but those will need to the focus of a different blog!). Team Iperion is staffed with impressive talent and has a 40/60 split. Kudos.


As a team we are positioned to make a difference, to see the impact across clients and to advise appropriately. Close collaboration with Agencies promotes facilitation and understanding to look towards practical solutions for the future of structured data. From a day-to-day perspective this includes the granularity of what are the implications of the latest updates; DADI for example, Iteration 1 for IDMP, EU CTR, PQ CMC and the FDA implementation of IDMP – to name but a few. What does it mean to Industry and how can clients improve their use of structured data throughout the organization to realize business benefits?


Meeting face-to-face with colleagues once again fills me with energy. The ambition and drive of the team – their passion to look towards the future of health and to make a difference – is beyond inspiring. The Deloitte focus on wellness, diversity and sustainability runs throughout the culture and resonates completely.

I write this amidst the news pouring out from Ukraine, the heartbreak and sorrow a sharp contrast to my own personal experience of the simple joys of meeting colleagues. A poignant reminder to be grateful for all that we have. My thoughts are with these brave and courageous individuals, every moment of the day.”


Amy Williams

Director at Iperion – a Deloitte business


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