A personal story of Nadia Goutziers about her experiences as a Project Lead at Iperion – a Deloitte business.

Being assigned as the project lead, you want the project to succeed – for the client, but also for the internal team.

I want to give you an insight in a typical day as a project lead at Iperion – a Deloitte business.

After starting up my computer, I notice there is an email from the project sponsor of our client. The project focuses on data remediation, gathering data from product documentation and setting in place relevant processes to have it entered in their systems. This is one step of the digital transformation towards structured, consistent and up-to-date regulatory information. Due to some business changes, some of the products in scope of the engagement are not valid anymore. Whether there is any impact on the project timelines and activities due to this? I open the relevant documentation to check when I receive a phone call. One of my project team members is calling in ill. I wish him a “get well soon” and know his absence potentially affects a deadline we have later this day. To see whether we can still meet this deadline, I quickly schedule in an internal meeting to discuss this. The team can absorb the absence of the team member and get to work.

I recheck the change in scope and conclude there is no negative impact on the project timelines and activities. All relevant documentation needs to be updated to reflect this change in scope, which luckily doesn’t take me long to do. Later today, I have the weekly check-in with the client’s project lead, so I put this update on the agenda. Scanning over the materials for the weekly check-in, I add in some final discussion points. In the coming weeks, we are going to start some new activities within the project and based on the current available information, there are still some things that need to be clarified before we can start.

After lunch, I meet with my counterpart / the project lead and discuss the status of the project, address the change in scope and ask some additional clarification concerning the upcoming activities. She is glad these challenges are already identified and is going to follow-up internally. I list all actions and decisions taken during the client meeting and log them accordingly. One decision impacts the resource allocation of one of my team members, so I follow up on this with our internal coordinator to ensure we can still deliver the project within the agreed upon timelines and budget.

The feeling of accomplishment is noticeable within the whole team and we take a moment to celebrate.

I have some time left to answer some mails and at the end of the business day, my team informs me the deadline is met and I send out the communication to the whole project team. I get a response from the client, to thank us for our work and dedication in meeting the project milestone. The feeling of accomplishment is noticeable within the whole team and we take a moment to celebrate.

I’ve been part of several project teams in the last years working for Iperion, but being the project lead requires a different focus. I am the first person they – both internally and externally – call in case there is a challenge, when there is a change in scope, when there is a celebration for the delivery of a milestone, etc. But as the project lead, I am also there to enable the project team, manage the expectations and point everyone in the right direction in case of unclarity. Every project is different, as every project team is different. Those project and people dynamics challenge me to keep evolving my skills and drive me to make every project a success. And it makes this role interesting and fun.


Nadia Goutziers

Project Lead and Consultant at Iperion – a Deloitte business


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