A personal story of Natasja Troost-Riksen about her experiences as a Data Process Expert at Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy.

At the end of November 2017 I joined Iperion as Data Process Expert. Because Life Sciences was rather new to me, I started it, thinking this was a nice temporarily job. However, already during my first day I was positively surprised by the work and atmosphere and since then I have never thought about leaving the company.

First I started doing data entry in a Regulatory Information Management System (RIMS) of one of our clients. From the beginning I was happily surprised by the complexity of the system. Next to data entry, an important part of my daily work was to check the data on correctness and alignment with existing procedures, before entering it into the system. Overtime I developed towards a Subject Matter Expert (SME) of this specific RIM system. The amount of data entry performed by me decreased to almost zero as I mainly worked on reviewing incoming requests, solving difficult issues, training of colleagues and updating of work instructions. On a weekly basis I had worldwide meetings with our client.

On a weekly basis I had worldwide meetings with our client.


Last year I have switched to a different system, a change control system. A nice opportunity to learn a different system and new processes. While this system is less complex, the processes around it are far more. Many more stakeholders and departments are involved, and part of the procedures are still in development. Again I am growing into a SME role. Next to answering questions of users and monitoring of safety related changes, I am working on setting up new procedures, enhancing processes and the creation of work instructions.

Anything but boring

Although being a Data Process Expert might sound boring at first, it really is not. The work is not about simply adding data to a system, though it involves thinking on how to get the data correct. Having to be very accurate and precise fits me perfectly and I have been able to grow into a role suiting my strengths and capabilities. Next to that I like being a SME and working on enhancement of processes and setting up new procedures and work instructions.

I also really like the atmosphere within the team. There is a lot of cooperation and we are working together towards the same goal. There is always someone willing to help when I or a colleague need additional information or assistance in finishing a task. Besides that, there is room for social talks and laughter.

Lastly, being a Data Process Expert works very well in combination with having a young family at home. A vast number of working hours with flexibility to work when it fits me.

For this year I want to become a SME for the change control system. In addition, I would like to further improve the existing processes and to implement the procedures I am currently working on. I am looking forward to further broaden my knowledge and to see which other systems the future might bring.


Natasja Troost-Riksen

Data Process Expert at Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy


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