A personal story of Aji Fatou Badjan about her first year as a Data Process Expert at Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy.

As a fresh graduate from university, I wasted no time grabbing the opportunity to work at Iperion when it crossed my path. Luckily the language barrier as I speak little to no Dutch was no issue.

Looking back one year later, I am happy that I took up this challenge.


At first, I was skeptical about my abilities to carry out the job as I had no experience in the field of Life Sciences. As an open-minded individual, I ignored this skepticism and took the job as a challenge to push myself and learn new things. Looking back one year later, I am happy that I took up this challenge.

My first project

As a Data Process Expert, I initially joined an ongoing project but I was quickly trained to become a Business Operation Administrator (BOA) for our client’s Change Control System. Working as a BOA involves managing the mailbox (checking mails and responding) for the System. This gave me the opportunity to expand my knowledge as the queries that come in via mail vary. This way I was forced to learn about different aspects related to the system.

After just one month, I was forced to work from home because of Covid-19. I expected to have difficulties as I was still being trained at that period. However, with supportive, willing and motivated colleagues, working from home turned out to be really positive. I learned more and faster in a shorter period of time.

Personal development

Another thing I really like about working at Iperion is the encouragement I receive to grow and develop myself professionally. It is such an open environment, that I feel confident to give my ideas about the way of working within the team, project, department and Iperion as a whole.

Looking forward, I aim to develop myself further by broadening my knowledge in Regulatory Affairs as this will help me become a better BOA within my current assignment and hopefully other projects in the future.


Aji Fatou Badjan

Data Process Expert at Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy


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