Sporify Webinar: DADI Data Readiness

ISO IDMP is coming. The next step in our journey to go from PDF into actual data-exchange is the introduction of the DADI project. DADI forms will replace the eAF and DADI for variations will go live in October 2022.

As part of the go-live, DADI will expose medicinal product data that has been migrated to PMS for product master data for human medicinal products. For Marketing Authorisation Holders (MAHs), this means they have to get their product data in order.

Gary Wilson
Co-Founder SPORIFY @CorrIT
Gary Wilson from CorrIT will present the way your data can be remediated and aligned with SPOR. What is needed and what are the pitfalls? He will explain why SPOR implementation is not a one-time thing and that it needs to be managed throughout the product life cycle. At the end of the webinar, he will give a quick demonstration of his solution: SPORIFY.
Remco Munnik
Associate Director @Iperion – a Deloitte business
Remco Munnik from Iperion – a Deloitte business will give an overview of the steps needed to be prepared for DADI. First it is important to internally align your data on substances, organizations and referentials. Is all data from products the same in all systems and documents? The next step is to get your data governance organised for this new way of working and finally you will need to achieve alignment of the data in your RIMS and all regulatory documents. This will be the basis for interoperable data.


28 Jun 2022


16:00 - 17:00





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