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We are asked to be one of the expert speakers on the TOPRA HQ event in London. This is a master’s degree (MS) in Data Management and Digitalisation in Regulatory Affairs through the University of Hertfordshire.

This Masterclass provides  the theoretical background to data management, document management, electronic submissions, eCompliance regulatory information management and the new identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) requirements, and find solutions to practical problems in this area. Deal with large volumes of data and deal with different data (from nonclinical to post-market pharmacovigilance).


This masterclass is suitable for

  • Students of the TOPRA MSc programme
  • Delegates from the medical device industry who wish to develop their knowledge
  • Delegates from allied industries who wish to have a comprehensive understanding of the subject

TOPRA stands for The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs.

Remco Munnik will give an advanced overview of the EU Telematics strategy and eCTD within the learning module on the data governance and digitalization for regulated products.


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20 - 22 Nov 2019





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