ISO IDMP can be a complex matter to comprehend.

Iperion consultants are very experienced with the ISO IDMP standards and have worked on a large number of assessments and implementation projects. Our consultants are involved at both ISO level, as well as EU implementation (SPOR Task Force and EU Implementation Guide drafting) and can support you in providing the latest developments and insights.

Our training sessions and workshops are fully designed to give you an edge in understanding the requirements and current status on ISO IDMP, which provide a great basis for your company and project plan to identify your critical to-do activities.

Our team can provide different levels of training to support in creating awareness within your organisation and guide you through the specifications and data models.

Basic ISO IDMP introduction
Creating awareness within your organisation for IDMP on:

  • High-level data requirements
  • Global status of IDMP
  • Current implementation timelines
  • Relationship of IDMP with SPOR and other telematics projects
  • Impact of ISO IDMP on your organisation

Advanced IDMP training
In-depth analysis of the ISO IDMP standards, EU implementation guide, including:

  • ISO IDMP data model
  • EU Implementation Guide
  • Substance
  • Clinical particulars
  • Packaged medicinal product

Training and workshop sessions can be customized according to your needs and wishes.

Due to the current situation, we offer Remote Training Sessions.

Our consultants will be happy to provide you with a dedicated company working session, in which specific product examples and use cases are discussed.

 In February 2020, EMA published Iteration 1 of the EU ISO IDMP Implementation Guide. The EU IG provides detailed guidance on how ISO IDMP data fields should be interpreted, submitted and maintained within the EU regulatory framework supported by SPOR (Substances, Products, Organisations and Referentials Management Services).

Watch our webinar session on the ISO IDMP Implementation Guide.  

How IDMP-ready are you?

With the mandatory use of PMS approaching it is time to take the necessary steps to smoothen the transition towards IDMP implementation. But how IDMP-ready are you? To find out your current state compared to the desired state before implementing IDMP, we have designed a questionnaire.

After submission you will receive a personal report including a presentation on your results by one of our IDMP specialist on your next steps and topics that require your attention from an IDMP readiness point of view. You will receive this report without any obligation.

Find out how IDMP-ready you are by taking our questionnaire

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