Customer satisfaction

Results from our customer survey show that our customers are very positive about our professional services and aftercare, as shown by the high scores of appreciation and customer satisfaction regarding our knowledge, creativity, efficiency and proactive involvement.

Iperion successfully passed on-site supplier audits from our customers covering:

  • Qualification of IT infrastructure
  • Hosting facilities

Excellent results on these compliance audits highlight the appreciation the life sciences market has for our approach. 

“…. It was clear that Iperion’s staff is very professional and GxP trained. They all show an excellent understanding of compliance and they share their expertise during every step of the way. They allow us to concentrate on our core business while meeting the regulatory requirements…….” 

“…….The installation, configuration and validation of the new quality management system was performed very efficiently by Iperion’s professionals. The commitment and dedication Iperion showed during this project was tremendous The end result is a perfect running validated application that makes our life easier..…..” 

“……..before we signed our GxP cloud computing contract, we performed an on-site audit at Iperion. It was an open, honest, and transparent audit. Training and maintenance documents were made available and disaster recovery plans were shared. After our visit we were convinced that Iperion provides the transparency needed to satisfy regulatory obligations……..”