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Icon-gxp_cloudcomputing_blueThe life sciences industry is filled with standards and protocols. Amongst industry professionals, these are well known and hold no secrets. But in order to be fully compliant with all standards in our industry, your organization is dependent on the right IT infrastructure. It should not only support your hard work, it should also safely store critical applications or reports and must be able to withstand any audit.

Just imagine what could happen when data gets lost, is being misplaced or mistakenly gets duplicated. And what would happen if during an inspection you cannot provide the evidence required for a complete validated IT Infrastructure? In our industry, inaccurate or incomplete data can be a catastrophic risk to patient safety and lost or incomplete data might seriously harm your organization. Therefore, you should be doing everything in your power to protect both the data in a compliant matter.

Ordinary technology will not do: downtime, storage, backup and security risks should be ruled out at its core. Also it is difficult to receive adequate information from your cloud provider. That is where our GxP private cloud solution comes in.

Private cloud, designed for the Life sciences industry

In this technology-driven world, IT is crucial to a smooth operation of your organization which is why ensuring the continued operation of your IT infrastructure is vital in a compliant matter. That is exactly what we do. Over the years we have worked hard on an industry GxP compliant cloud platform that ensures your critical data is accurately stored and treated consistently. Every single day.

By migrating or installing your applications and data to our private cloud solution, you are entitled to the latest technology and computing resources without having to do the research or invest in them every other year. We provide you with a worry free IT infrastructure that maintains your data integrity and is specifically designed for your needs. In addition, by relying on our scalable and best in class technology that is future proof, your organization becomes more agile.

Whether it’s GAMP, GCP or any other standard in the industry, our IT infrastructure is compliant to them all. We apply advanced risk management techniques to identify, address and mitigate potential risks. This ensures ongoing assessment of our (redundant) data centers, a controlled and qualified installation of our servers and a continued qualified status of the IT Platform. The Platform is completely validated and subject to Change Control and other processes to maintain the validated status.

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Whether you are a life sciences company or offer a SaaS solution to the industry and are looking for an IaaS or PaaS solution, feel free to contact us. We would be more than happy to answer your questions and show you why we are one of the leading cloud providers in the industry. Contact us for more information + 31 73 648 8000 or send an email to contact@iperion.com.

GxP Cloud Computing provides you with a qualified IT Platform in accordance with the GAMP Good Practice Guide “IT Infrastructure Control and Compliance”. Our data centers comply with US/EU regulations. Furthermore, we are ISO 27001 certified. All activities on the GxP Hosting Platform are subject to change control and will be executed risk-based, following the ISO 9001 and ISO 31000 standard. The data security is fully optimized by firewalling, authorized access procedures, backup services and continuous monitoring.
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