Would you like advice on your medical devices business? Successful market medical devices require proper handling of scientific and regulatory require­ments. A long-term partnership with Iperion will ensure the best support to enable you to produce safe and effective medicines.

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Spending your time on your core business instead of on information systems and IT problems such as struggling how to leverage the benefits of Cloud Computing in a regulatory compliant manner? Get in touch with us now. We speak the language of Life Sciences. Delegate that transactional work to us so that you can concentrate on the things that differentiate you – Science and Medicine.


Iperion provides GxP cloud computing and private cloud infrastructure to the life sciences industry. Whether it concerns a single application or your complete IT infrastructure, we have the right solutions for your business needs. GxP cloud computing and private cloud infrastructure by Iperion provides you with an IT Platform that is qualified according to the GAMP Good Practice Guide “IT Infrastructure Control and Compliance”. Our data centers are qualified according to US/EU GxP regulations as well as being ISO 27001 certified.

For a good reason the results of our customer audits are rated as excellent. Read our cases and discover our strengths!

Solutions for SaaS providers

For software vendors who offer their Software as a Service (SaaS)  to the regulated industry we have the choice to utilise our facilities in the form of Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) or Platform as a Service (PaaS). Both options are designed and built on proven technology thus enabling software vendors to deliver world class performance to their customers. Furthermore, Iperion offers GxP hosting, complete IT infrastructure outsourcing and Enterprise private cloud.

Datacenter Facilities

Iperions data centers offer layers of security and we are constantly vigilant, testing and continuously improving security. The hardware, network and infrastructure are completely redundant. The data security is optimised by firewalling, authorised access procedures, back up services and continuous monitoring.

Qualified IT Infrastructure

Iperion’s GxP cloud platform infrastructure is qualified in line with GAMP “Good Practice Guide IT Infrastructure and Compliance”. Additions and or modifications to either infrastructure or customer-dedicated environments are performed under stringent Change Control to secure qualified status.

Risk Management

We apply advanced risk management techniques to identify, address and mitigate potential risks. This ensures that our data centers are assessed, that servers are installed in a controlled way and qualified, and that procedures are in place to maintain the qualified status of the IT Platform.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is the distribution of computing infrastructure, applications, or services from within an organization to outside service providers. As such, it aims to move the costs of computing (both hardware and application software) from an upfront capital cost to one that is based on leasing the services and facilities from a service provider. By permitting users to process or store data externally, companies are no longer required to set up or maintain an expensive and cumbersome IT infrastructure. Infrastructure as a Service and Platform as a Service solutions are now available from Iperion, heavily leveraging virtualization technology to deliver cost-effective, scalable and pooled resources aimed specifically at the regulated Life Sciences sector. Additions and or modifications to either infrastructure or customer-dedicated environments are performed under stringent Change Control to secure qualified status.