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Most companies still align their regulatory and production operations through phone calls and good old hard work. But bigger operations, increasingly complex supply chains and the ever changing regulatory landscape of 21st century pharma demand 21st century solutions. Connecting your RIMS and your ERP is not easy but it is doable.


Iperion proposes four steps to get your RIMS and ERP connected:

Iperion proposes four steps to get your RIMS and ERP connected

4 steps towards ERP-RIMS interoperability

  1. Bring manufacturing operations (OPS) and RA together
    Determine the use cases for ERP-RIMS data exchange
    Find the common product vocabulary
  2. Determine the shared product model
    Apply product model to RIMS and ERP data
    Map the RIMS and ERP product data sets
  3. Align processes between OPS and RA in terms of triggers, timing and data handling
    To ensure consistency and stability of product object mapping over time
  4. Determine the right technological solution
    Able to maintain the mapping
    Suited to exchange the data for your use cases
    Ready to support future product portfolio and use cases


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Check also our webinar recording about the integration of ERP with RIMS and how that can help improve the supply chain oversight.