Choosing the right GxP critical cloud provider is challenging, especially when it involves live applications. This 30 minutes webinar focuses on the items that need to be discussed when choosing such a provider.

This webinar focuses on private virtual cloud solutions, Platform as a Service and Software as a Service solutions.


  • What is the GxP compliant cloud?
  • What to outsource?
  • Migration of live applications;
  • Choosing the right supplier in a risk based way: methods and techniques;
  • Examples of predefined checklist that helps you through the selection process;
  • Services that will be provided;
  • Live Q&A.

At the end of this webinar you have gained insight in:

  • The critical requirements for a cloud supplier;
  • How you need to make a selection what to outsource and what not?
  • Which documentation needs to be in place in your organisation?
  • How to read through the SLA and identifies the important aspects.

Who should attend?

  • IT managers / directors who want to outsource their GxP Critical applications;
  • Process owners who want to have an outsourced IT Infrastructure that meets regulatory requirements;
  • Life sciences software vendors who want to outsource their application to focus on their core business (the application and the software development life cycle);
  • Other decision makers who want to hear the possibilities of GxP Compliant private cloud applications.

Henk van Beek, IT Consultant

Henk van Beek