IDMP is at a crossroads. In 2020, will veterinary regulations disrupt progress on human medicinal product standards, and in the meantime who’s speaking up for patients? Iperion calls for focus and mutual support during what will be a critical year for the regulatory network’s product transparency initiatives.

An article of Managing Director Frits Stulp is published on the website Pharmaceutical Executive on 19 November 2019.

IDMP: Making patients the priority in 2020

2019 saw decent progress towards ISO Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) data standards implementation – momentum which stakeholders need to maintain in 2020. But if there is one priority that must rise above all others, it is making patients front and central to project focus – and giving them a formal voice, says Frits Stulp.

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About Frits Stulp

Frits Stulp is Managing Director of Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy, and a prominent mover in IDMP circles. He was Program Manager of the first completed IDMP implementation program and is a member of the EMA ISO IDMP Task Force.