The overall concept of these services is to offer high quality, standardized and consolidated data, codes and terminologies for the usage by and exchange of data between systems and stakeholders. These services will facilitate a diverse set of stakeholders, ranging from Marketing Authorization Holders, Health Authorities, Academia, industry liaisons to Healthcare professionals, patients and more.

OMS and RMS are a European initiative, but can be used as a driver for global harmonization within your company, as a key catalyst for process improvements and to introduce master data management concepts.

A global approach towards OMS and RMS does not only benefit day to day communications, in the end it also reduces risks on conflicting communications towards health authorities. Furthermore, data maintenance costs can be reduced because departments will no longer need to maintain their individual lists of agreed terms. The OMS and RMS services allow for a break with currently existing cross functional and cross system barriers which is the start of truly integrated technology and process landscapes.

To help you, we created this list of questions you should ask your organization to completely benefit from OMS RMS:

  1. What data is maintained?
  2. Where does it reside?
  3. What is the quality and consistency?
  4. Who owns it?
  5. Where is it maintained?
  6. How to ensure it remains current?
  7. How will compliance be achieved?
  8. What are the benefits?

If you need consultancy on implementing OMS RMS and also benefit as a company, contact us.

Frits Stulp

Managing Director Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy

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