Over the last 3 years Iperion was part of the Dutch mirror group of the international ISO/TC 215 Health Informatics/WG 6 ‘Pharmacy and medicines business’. We are honored to have been asked for this task again. This means Iperion will continue to give her support to ISO for the period 2019-2021.

The International working group ISO/TC 215/WG 6 considers for its scope all aspects of medical informatics that apply to e-pharmacy and medicines in general. The aim of the working group is to have an overview of all norms, standards and standardization projects in order to determine (a) which standards can apply unchanged for e-pharmacy and applications related to medicines, (b) which standards require adaptation and ( c) whether (within ISO / TC 215) standards must be developed specifically aimed at e-pharmacy.

Iperion is one of six companies, collaborated in the Dutch mirror group Pharmacy. This mirror group is responsible for positioning  the Dutch view on the ISO working program.

During the opening plenary for ISO/TC 215 on Monday 22 October, the project leaders for the IDMP standards and implementation guides were honoured with the ISO Award for their excellent work over the last 12 years. Iperion congratulates them and is proud to have been part of this achievement.