2021 saw Iperion continue to expand its global media reach. Some of the key articles published in 2021 are here:


New European medicinal data standards – getting ready for change

In January 2021, The European Medicines Agency (EMA) published a guide to implementing IDMP data standards forecast to be ”a game changer” for the life sciences sector. Iperion’s Remco Munnik, who has been working with the EU focus group creating the EU IDMP Implementation Guide version 2, provides the inside track on the implications for life sciences companies.


To discuss the scope of the EU IG v2 revised standards, and any challenges facing organizations in their preparations for compliance, Pharmaceutical Technology Europe spoke with Frits Stulp, managing director of Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy.

Pharmaceutical Technology Europe


European Medicines Data Standards Offer Business Opportunities For Life Science Firms

The newly published EU IDMP guide on implementing ISO data standards for the identification of medicinal products will keep regulatory affairs professionals busy with compliance work while also creating new data-driven opportunities for life sciences companies. Remco Munnik shares the inside track from his work with the EU focus group that created the guide.

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Assessing companies’ IDMP maturity as the data-driven future takes shape

With the second version of the EU IDMP guidance now published, pharma companies must measure their readiness for the new world, in which data-based regulatory submissions run parallel with, and will ultimately replace, single-use documents. Adnan Jamil, a Senior Consultant at Iperion, offers step-by-step advice to pharma companies keen to reap the full benefits of a digital product information management future.

Drug Discovery World


Countdown to Data Innovation

Remco Munnik argues that IDMP data standards are more than just a regulatory exercise. They provide the opportunity to link the regulatory world with the supply chain world and create standardized processes that will get drugs to patients more quickly.

Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technology


Transformation of the whole healthcare ecosystems: the real-world impact of IDMP beyond pharma regulatory exchange

Frits Stulp outlines ambitions for a new era of informed choice for patients, physicians and other stakeholders across the healthcare ecosystem – if pharma companies take the right decisions now about data-driven process transformation.