NEN: Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut

The Dutch Standardisation Institute (NEN: Nederlands Normalisatie Instituut) is an organisation which evaluates the use of international standards for national use and provides feedback on standards presented by the ISO group responsible for these standards.

ISO IDMP Standards are discussed in the “NEN Spiegelgroep 6 Farmacie” which mirrors the work of ISO/TC 215 Work Group 6. This mirror group aids in the evaluation and review of IDMP standards and provides feedback to the ISO committee. We are proud to present that Camiel Hoogendoorn, consultant at Iperion Consultancy, will join the NEN committee starting November 2016 to participate in the work of this group. As a result, Iperion Consultancy can contribute to the ISO IDMP standards and will be aware of the latest updates for all ISO standards in IDMP. Furthermore, we can play a translational role in the application of these standards in the Dutch environment (Patient, Provider, Payer).