In her mission to support  and improve  the Life Sciences industry, Iperion has taken another step in achieving this. Iperion launched the Advanced Response Team, ART. This team helps pharmaceutical companies solve urgent issues quickly and sustainably.

ART is a network of highly experienced and independent consultants with a passion for changing the pharmaceutical industry to make medicines available for patients more efficiently. ART broadens the range of fields in which Iperion can support life science customers beyond regulatory information and data management and will contribute to realize Iperion’s vision to the benefit of patients.


The of solving issues

ART is launched to support companies at short notice (first person on site in 48 hours!) with urgent issues like inspection findings, recalls, due diligence, organizational disfunctioning, etc. by bringing in a team of experts in the fields of regulatory, project management, toxicology, pharmacology, pharmacovigilance, CMC, Regulatory Information, change management, organizational management and process- and data management.

The composition of this team is customized to the immediate needs of the company. This team will identify the problem, solve the issue and then implement a solution to prevent the issue of reappearing. The team also ensures the solutions are implemented sustainably using change management techniques by including change management experts in the team.



Karel Bastiaanssen, co-founder of Iperion and product manager of ART: “I am proud of this initiative. We want to make a difference in this industry and I believe that ART can help us achieve this goal. There is a need in the Pharmaceutical industry to have access to such a vast pool of experience that can be trusted with urgent issues and having a customized team on site quickly, in line with the urgency of the problem. For the consultants it is beneficial to have access to all the knowledge that is available in this network. A so-called win-win situation. “

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