Despite the fact that the regional implementation guidelines have not been published yet, decisions about the IDMP compliance preparations need to be already made today as this legislation will have major implications for all companies active in the industry and this means that there is a lot of work to be done within a very short timeframe.

There are only 12 months left before July 2016 and those companies which have not started their IDMP projects already will face a serious challenge.

From 17-19 June, the 3rd Marcus Evans conference in compliance preparations for identification of medicinal products regulatory series will take place in the Marriott West India Quay in London, UK. This conference will focus on IDMP compliance preparations in Europe before it comes into force on July 2016. Download program.

Managing Director Consultancy Mr. Frits Stulp is participant of the speaker panel and will head the workshop Preparing for IDMP Compliance Challenge:

  • Analyse and evaluate the impact of ISO IDMP
  • What are the priorities and concrete steps to be taken considering the remaining time to reach IDMP compliance
  • Harnessing key challenges and technical considerations
  • Incorporating IDMP into the short-term and long term strategy
  • Addressing organizational change management as part of your IDMP initiatives

Conference target group: corporate professionals from Regulatory Operations, Regulatory Affairs, Master Data Management, Regulatory Information Systems and other key stakeholder departments who have already started and are advanced in their IDMP programmes and projects, thus, already have some real life lessons learnt and practices to share for those who are less advanced in the journey.

Attending this conference will enable you to:

  • Benchmark preparations for IDMP compliance and work towards effective data management while breaking silos between divisions
  • Receive latest information from EMA: Roadmap and milestones
  • Evaluate the impact of ISO IDMP and organise subsequent prioritization of key preparatory activities
  • Hear best practices on gap analysis and steps to be taken after the gap analysis
  • Learn from MDM projects and IDMP compliance data from source
  • Hear a journey towards a cost-effective and scalable IDMP solution
  • Get practical experiences on working with other key stakeholders like manufacturing, clinical etc.
  • Implement and run an efficient Regulatory Information Management System

For further information and inquiries, please contact Frits directly by email.