We give a very warm welcome to our new colleague Lise Stevens. Lise currently serves as Associate Director for regulatory information management and pharmacovigilance at Iperion.

She will be joining our team in the US, where we recently opened an office. This expansion of Iperion is the next step in our mission to enable the life sciences industry and regulators to innovate, to improve business processes and to optimize the supply chain leading to faster and more efficient delivery of medicines (and its associated information) to health care professionals and patients.

IT and pharmacovigilance professional

Lise is a well-seasoned IT and pharmacovigilance professional with over 30 years of IT and project management experience.  Lise successfully led the implementation of ICH E2B(R3) for the FDA/CDC Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS). After spending 16 years working in pharmacovigilance and data standards development at FDA, she created Saturn Services, LLC, a health and regulatory information technology consulting company. Here she provided project management and pharmacovigilance expertise, including serving as an expert and editor for the American National Standard Institute’s Technical Advisory Group to ISO Technical Committee 215 Health Informatics/Working Group 6 Pharmacy and Medications Business.

Lise’s personal philosophy is deeply rooted in the belief that good health and overall well-being is a basic human right and collectively healthcare providers, regulators, bio/pharmaceutical companies and health IT vendors equally share in the responsibility to protect and promote public health – especially in underserved or under-represented populations.  In addition to her extensive regulatory, project management, business analysis and data standards experience, Lise is a Certified Ayurvedic Wellness Counselor.

We are excited that Lise is joining Team Iperion, adding further to our passion of becoming one of the global players in regulatory consultancy, and thereby contributing to digital healthcare.

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