Over the past few years, MasterControl has rolled out countless enhancements and new features, based largely on customer feedback. As part of their mission to help customers make life-changing products available to more people sooner, they continually re-evaluate how their software release policy can deliver more value to customers quicker.

In summer 2014, MasterControl version 11.0 was released with more enhancements than any previous MasterControl release. Announced at the same time was the frequent release train, which referred to the plan to release upgrades every three to four months. For customers, the shorter release cycles meant gaining new features and functionality quicker than in the traditional release cycle and managing fewer, smaller changes.

MasterControl now returned to more frequent releases and follow a new naming convention on their software releases. As of v2017.2, released in December 2017, they  are releasing a cloud quarterly release for MasterControl Spark and MasterControl Cloud customers, as well as an annual release (with a standard support cycle) for customers who prefer a bit more time between releases. To deliver enhancements in quicker, smaller doses that will make upgrades faster and easier for customers, MasterControl is now implementing the following software release policy.

“We have standardized our release schedule to be one annual release each year with patches released on an as-needed basis. We have also introduced a quarterly release option for cloud customers who want to be automatically upgraded more frequently than once a year.”
Dave Hunter, product management director MasterControl

Two product Release Paths: Annual & Quarterly

In addition, product release numbering follows a new naming convention: a year designation and the version number that year. For instance, v2018.1 is the first release in 2018, and v2018.2 will be the second release this year, etc.

You can expect the annual release to align with that year’s fall Quarterly Release. So the annual release in 2018 is planned for the fall release, v2018.3, which will also be the third quarterly release of the year.

Annual Release Overview

The annual release approach – available to on-premise, hosted, and annual cloud customers – is intended for customers who are accustomed to substantial but infrequent upgrades:

  • For on-premise and hosted customers includes mainstream patchable support for two years from the release date.
  • For annual cloud customers includes continuous mainstream patchable support because they are automatically upgraded to each annual release.
  • Patches, which contain only critical fixes, delivered as needed and don’t require further validation.

Quarterly Cloud Release Overview

The quarterly release approach – available to Spark and MasterControl cloud customers – is ideal for customers who want to receive the latest enhancements as soon as they become available:

  • Includes an automatic upgrade up to four times a year, roughly every three months (i.e., with each quarterly release).
  • Includes automatic, continuous mainstream patchable support, so Spark and MasterControl cloud customers are always up to date with the latest software.
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