MasterControl released version 11.6

The MasterControl team has released version 11.6 which includes several upgrades designed to enhance the user experience and provide a more streamlined approach to quality management. Many of the new features included in this release are a direct reflection of customer input.

In version 11.6 ‘PleaseReview’ has been added which is a real-time collaboration tool that will help users’ organizations save time, eliminate the frustrations and costs inherent in the document review process. Included in this new version is a drag-and-drop functionality that allows users to create files in the system by simply dragging files from Windows and dropping them into MasterControl .

For a better integration the MasterControl team has added SAML-compatible single sign-on (SSO) tools that let companies manage MasterControl the same way they handle other web-based applications used enterprise-wide. A new Configuration Manager tool that allows users to seamlessly transfer configuration data from one environment to another.

An updated interface in the  Supplier™ module that includes a dynamic dashboard view of critical supplier processes and functions and makes it easy to view and launch supplier-related activities
For more information about the software updates and fixes covered in the new release, please see the Release Notes section of the MasterControl customer website. (If you do not have a login for the MasterControl Service Now portal, please contact