The User Acceptance Testing (UAT) of Organization Management Service (OMS) and Referential Manage Service (RMS) has been finalized on the 7th of April. This concludes the first components of the EMA SPOR master data management plan. While the official testing results have not been made public yet, it is clear that the systems require fixes and updates.

The highlight of the UAT include:
  • Performance during peak hours remains unreliable
  • Account request and management are complicated processes, that requires you to run through 3 separate online tools and multiple verification steps
  • Data from other Organisational and Referential sources have only been partially imported, which is a source of concern for future data quality
  • Various planned functionalities have not be finalized yet, but those that have been were user-friendly and useful

While EMA has acknowledged the additional efforts required to perfect the systems as intended, they insisted the systems will go-live late May/early June as various other projects are dependent on it. Moreover, an additional iteration is planned to go-live in August after an UAT in July, with all the fixes included.

If you wish to know more on the effect of OMS/RMS go-live and how you should prepare as a MAH, please do not hesitate to contact us at