The systems for the Organisational Management Service and Referential Management Service, the first parts of EMA’s SPOR model to be implemented, had been scheduled to go live in December 2016.

EMA came out last week, after a long period of silence, stating that unfortunately these systems will be delayed. The User Acceptance Testing has been postponed as well. While there is no updated timeline yet, we expect EMA to share the updated timelines soon. Additionally, EMA made very clear they are still committed to these systems, and not only are they critical pre-requisites for IDMP compliance, but they could also offer major internal benefits to industry.

Critical step

Using an automated interface between the OMS/RMS systems and internal systems, companies will have the option of implementing a single source of truth regarding storage, control and maintenance of organisational and referential data, allowing for improved harmonisation and communication between departments and offices. Implementing an OMS/RMS internal system is a critical step into IDMP compliance.


The figure shows old timelines shared by EMA.