Jakob Juul Rasmussen, IDMP Program Manager of Ferrings has been invited to present a case study at the “3rd Edition IDMP Compliance Challenge: Hit the phased approach deadlines” Conference in Frankfurt Germany.

The conference that is arranged by Marcus Evans will take place on 13th-15th  of April in Frankfurt.
Jakob Juul Rasmussen will present examples of Iperion’s/Pharma IT’s “Full IDMP cycle approach” with specific data examples from SmPC’s and how the MedDRA coding process can be approached.

Iperion’s/Pharma IT full IDMP cycle approach supports:

  • Awareness sessions
  • Strategic implementation plan
  • User requirements and specifications
  • Snalysis and source system mapping and data pilot
  • Collection of data from clinical and regulatory dossiers and documents
  • Structured authoring of IDMP source documents to ensure alignment with IDMP controlled vocabularies
  • Supporting and controlling MedDRA boding
  • Updating your processes and instructions to accommodate continued IDMP compliance

Participating at this Marcus Evans’s conference will enable you to Benchmark with practitioners ahead of the curve:

  • Manage effective compliance work and IDMP strategy despite missing EMA guidelines
  • Preparing for 1st, 2nd and further iterations
  • Organise actionable business preparation after impact assessment
  • Find and draw together the missing data and build a smart data quality framework
  • Lessons learnt and tip for software and vendor selection
  • Hear the implementation plans in EU, US, Japan and other countries
  • Submitting Investigative Products Data to EMA
  • GINAS latest developments covered

More information can be found here.