Goals for IDMP in Europe must not be diluted in 2020, if standardized medicinal product data is to be of tangible real-world benefit, says Iperion’s Remco Munnik in PharmExec.com.

An eye-watering level of investment has been ploughed into the preparations for the EU’s implementation of the ISO IDMP (identification of medicinal products) standards over recent years. It is disappointing, then, that we are not further along in harnessing these developments for real-world gain. So in 2020 focus and ambition must not be compromised by the continued struggle for completion of the European Medicines Agency’s IDMP initial implementation guidelines, nor the new Veterinary Regulation which increasingly is vying for attention.

Read the full article of Remco where he states that everyone has a responsibility to maintain momentum of IDMP in 2020, whatever the priorities at the regulators may be.