While 2020 has proven to be something of a challenge as we battle a virulent pandemic, it has also seen Iperion continue to extend its media presence globally. Here, we look back at some of our favorite topics and link to a handful of key articles.


IDMP at a crossroads

Frits Stulp reflects on recent developments in IDMP and what 2020 has in store, concluding that, if there is one priority that must rise above all others as progress towards IDMP implementation continues, it is the patient agenda.

Pharma Technology Focus


The EMA IDMP medicines database takes form

An eye-watering level of investment has been ploughed into the preparations for the EU’s implementation of the ISO IDMP standards over recent years. However, goals for IDMP in Europe must not be diluted in 2020, if standardized medicinal product data is to be of tangible real-world benefit, says Iperion’s Remco Munnik.

European Pharmaceutical Contractor


First: a solid, dependable data bedrock – then AI

Remco Munnik argues that smart process automation promises to cut complexity and transform product traceability in the medical device industry. However, its potential relies 100% cent on having good, reliable data on which to draw. An article with our partner Steve Gens from Gens & Associates.

MedTech Intelligence


Back to basics: preparing to share regulatory data

The multi-year process of drug discovery and development creates huge silos of data and information. Extracting and combining information can be a significant overhead, resulting in potential for delay and error. Duncan van Rijsbergen provides practical recommendations to help companies create high quality, consistent data that may be shared across systems.

Drug Discovery World


What COVID-19 has taught life sciences about the real-world value of IDMP

The ISO IDMP data standards are designed to support reliable, efficient sharing of information about medicines internationally. Lise Stevens explores what difference the standards would have made in a COVID-19 context — in applications ranging from pharmacovigilance adverse event reporting and electronic prescribing to falsified medicines control.

Pharma Executive


IDMP data standardization: getting drug and vaccines to market quickly and safely in 2021

The impact of the Covid-19 crisis on European progress towards Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) data standardization. At a time of global focus on getting drug and vaccines to market quickly and safely, 2021 looks set to be the year when the potential of IDMP is realized.

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