Whatever international regulators’ demands might be, society’s expectations will ultimately dictate the need to prepare comprehensive, up-to-date product data that patients, clinicians and pharmacists can scrutinize on demand, says Frits Stulp of Iperion Life Sciences Consultancy.

This is the beginning of the article published in The Journal for Clinical Studies in October 2019.

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In this article Frits Stulp is calling for action

It is undoubtedly unfortunate that the timelines around IDMP have been subject to delays over recent years, slowing down preparation of a definitive data truth about products that clinicians, pharmacies, patients and other stakeholders could benefit from today. But this should not be allowed to stymie all progress. For just a few hundred euros, any company today can buy the ISO IDMP specifications from their local standards organization and begin working toward a target operating model for wider data exchange.

What is IDMP ?

ISO IDMP standards

IDentification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) is a data model, described in a set of five ISO standards and is used to describe the product and its characteristics.


  • provides structured medicinal, pharmaceutical product and substance data models
  • provides mechanisms to uniquely identify products and its components
  • is the only global standard for medicinal product information
  • is applicable to industry and regulators (in similar fashion as ISO 9001; Quality Management and other ISO standards)

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Did you know Iperion consultants

  • provided over a 100 IDMP awareness sessions?
  • performed many IDMP assessments for big, medium and small sized pharma, including human and veterinary medical products and medical devices?
  • created IDMP roadmaps for global pharmaceutical companies?
  • are software independent, but have experience with all key software vendors?