Iperion knows structured content Authoring (SCA) in the purest form changes the process of document management
Iperions has experience in SCA implementation always looking at information, organization, process and technology


Our approach to Structured Authoring

  1. Awareness and training
  2. Vendor selection
  3. Program development, setup and execution
  4. Strategy and solution architecture
  5. Implementation


What is structured authoring?

Structured Authoring is a workflow that allows the life cycle management of information within documents. The purpose of structured Authoring (SA) is to create documents in the most efficient and accurate way, based on defined content rules.


Watch our webinar on Structured Authoring

It illustrates Structured Content Authoring (SCA) as a use case for process improvements and data interoperability. Through practical examples, we have outlined the role SCA can play in the pharma industry. The webinar also emphasizes the key steps required for a successful implementation of SCA.

Benefits of structured authoring

  • Single source of data: change once, use everywhere
  • Possibility to reuse content
  • Connect similar elements between documents with ease
  • Prevent data duplication and improve data interoperability
  • Improve consistency and quality between documents

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Awareness and training